About Us


About Us:

Starlight Academy has worked in the community for over 20 years bringing people together through the use of The Creative Arts. Due to the unprecedented COVID -19 pandemic the importance of an on-line service, on-line communications, on-line entertainment and information sharing that reaches all sections of the community has become more and more crucial.

The Smiles Project aims to use current technology and media to combat the effects on mental health and to connect and support locals through this COVID 19 Crisis.

Parks & Gardens


This online feature will give people access to enjoy pre-recorded guided walks of different local Parks they love and miss with 360 and interactive experiences.

We understand that this would help with the mental heath of those stuck at home, unable to see the beauty of outside.



Staying active at this time most especially for the elderly will be a very big challenge. Also many from underprivileged backgrounds may not have access to gardens.

We will have a range of interactive exercise for young children & low impact mobility exercises to help elderly members of the community stay healthy & active.



Users will have access to our online intergenerational and interactive book club community.

Where locals can listen to a Story read and immerse themselves in an interactive experience.